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The Organic Difference | Blue Ash Essentials

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Blue Ash Essentials was born in Cincinnati, OH just this year. Our goal is to supply consumers with a healthy alternative to harsh chemicals and adulterated products. There is so many different ways to use essential oils, making them an extremely versatile means of completing every day tasks. 

From sprucing up your cleaning routine to boosting your skincare routine, essential oils truly can be molded into your everyday life. At first, it may be somewhat confusing to some as to which oils to use for specific projects. We are here to help clear up some of that confusion. Keep a look out for our blog posts which will detail which oils you can use in different scenarios, and what they are best known for. 

Some may ask, is there really a difference from organic essential oils to non-organic essential oils? Organic essential oils are specifically produced from plants grown without chemicals. This supports sustainable practices all over the globe. Does anyone really want to be breathing in something that's filled with chemicals and toxins? Let's get serious about what we want entering our body, both by means of inhalation and topically.

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