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Perfect Fall Blend

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Although some look forward to it more than others, fall is officially here. This means a few things- a drop in temperature and dry skin to name a few! Making it oh so important to focus on our immune health ♥ and our skincare routine. Essential oils are a great tool to help us navigate through the fall. Cozy up with a warm blanket and let's get diffusing.

Feel free to adjust to your specific needs/diffuser size. Typically works for a medium sized diffuser.

Ginger- lets start this blend with a warm, spicy aroma- perfect for fall. Add in additional digestive system benefits- perfect.

Orangeis known to blend perfectly with spicy aromas, namely Ginger and Clove Bud. Orange oil also can help support a healthy immune system.

Clove Bud is another great oil for relieving respiratory conditions and can help to kill bacteria. Keeping us healthy this fall!

Frankincense not only offers great skincare benefits but also a woodsy, earthy aroma. This will round out this fall blend.



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