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Best Essential Oils For Starting Your Day

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Start Your Morning With These Amazing Oils

In this modern day and age where everything is mechanized and made of chemicals, there are still people who are trying to produce pure materials directly from nature. We are a prime example of a company trying to bring more pure oils and products to the market. These oils are used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Some of the most beneficial ones that should be used for a refreshing and healthy start of the day are given below:

Frankincense Oil

Source: The oldest known roots of the fragrant resin from which this oil is extracted is known to be in Oman. Later it was transferred to other countries like China and India. Its history is mainly medieval.

Benefits: Since, it is considered “pure incense”, it is used for aroma therapy. Its pleasant smell brightens the mood and relieves headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety. If used in the morning, there are chances of staying relaxed and happy all day long. It is also used for the cleansing of the skin. It is also used for bacteria reduction, decreasing signs of aging and balancing of hormones in women.

Bergamot Oil

Source: Bergamot was first used in Italy. It is a little fruit which is said to have been a product of the cross between an orange and a lemon. As the cross suggests, it is highly citric.

Benefits: Muscle tension is reduced using this oil. Its fragrance boosts the mind and that is how it has an uplifting effect. It cleanses the environment too as it has a pleasant odor and purifies the air and eases breathing. As far as the cosmetic purposes are concerned, Bergamot oil is used for the protection of hair and skin. It helps to cure skin rashes, eczema and body sores. It also has a little use in treating depression, obesity and fever.

Eucalyptus Oil

Source: Eucalyptus trees are trees belonging to the “ever-green” group of plants. Their origin was in Australia but due to their “fast healing powers”, were spread within a few years throughout Europe, China and India.

Benefits: The commonly known benefit of these oils is that they reduce nervous tension by their refreshing effect. People suffering from asthma and sinusitis often make use of this oil. They are used as agents for anti-bacterial, anti-septic and stimulating purposes. By the distinct smell of this oil, fatigues, headache and stress are commonly relieved. They have a cleansing effect on the skin too.

Peppermint Oil

Source: This oil is obtained from an herb called Peppermint. It has roots in the Mediterranean and has since become one of the most versatile oils.

Benefits: This oil not only has a soothing effect but it also acts as a remedy for many problems. It disinfects inflamed skin and reduces redness. It also eases muscle spasms when used in massage blend. It helps to balance hormones, boost energy and increase mental focus.

Use a few drops of these oils every day and experience your energy, focus and mood improve. 

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