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Best Essential Oils For Repelling Bugs + Insects

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Summer is finally here! Although plenty are enjoying the beautiful weather, it also means the return of those pesty bugs and insects! Instead of soaking your home with harmful and toxic chemical sprays that include DEET and other harmful toxins, turn to essential oils to repel those little critters! Essential oils are not just great for fending off bugs and vermin, they also add a refreshing and natural scent to your home! In addition to being a natural deterrent, some essential also helpful in alleviating and treating bug bites. The best essential oils for repelling bugs are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and citronella.

Wellness Mama Bug Spray 

30 drops Geranium Oil

30 drops Citronella (or Eucalyptus) Oil

20 drops Lemon Oil

20 drops Lavender Oil

1 tbsp Vodka or Rubbing Alcohol

½ cup Witch Hazel or Water

Shake well and spray in vulnerable areas of your house!

**Also makes a lovely room spray !

Bug Bite Relief

2-3 tbsp preferred carrier oil

1-3 drops Peppermint Oil (may overly dry skin so start with 1)

4-5 drops Tea Tree Oil

Apply to affected area(s)

*Can also help prevent future bites as insects like mosquitoes hate this smell! 

Fly Away!

Add below mixture to diffuser

2-3 drops Peppermint oil

2-3 drops Lavender oil

2 drops Orange oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

*Careful when applying Lemon oil to skin and then exposing it to the sun (best used during the evening)

*Always ensure your oils are properly/carefully diluted. Do a small skin patch test on you or your partner to ensure there is no irritation before applying over a larger surface.

*Other oils that can be combined/added are: Geranium and Clove Bud (have been known to repel mosquitoes)

*Another tip is to grow fresh herbs/plants in your yard/kitchen/wherever you can! We grow Peppermint in our backyard right next to our sliding door which has been a great deterrent + you get fresh herbs!

Which essential oil combos have brought you the best results??

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