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Best Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraines

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We all get them, some more frequently than others.  And with so many causes, it is almost impossible to avoid them! Headaches can be caused by stress, depression, anxiety, hormones, fatigue, meal and sleep patterns, lights, sounds, smells and even weather. This truly makes them an inevitable evil in most of our daily lives. Unfortunately for some the pain can be more chronic and severe. While it is always in our best interest to try and restrict the main triggers of headaches and migraines, sometimes it is completely out of our control. This is where essential oils can play an important part in battling these symptoms. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Frankincense are some of the most vital oils in the fight against headaches and migraines.

Lavender can actually help control acute migraine symptoms when inhaled. According to the Journal of Herbal Medicine, the use of lavender oil reduced the frequency and severity of those suffering chronic migraines. One way to use Lavender is with a personal inhaler, which can also then be combined with other oils! 

Eucalyptus is thought to help ease migraines and headaches caused by sinus issues. Eucalyptus, which is found in common cold remedies such as Vick's, helps to open your nasal passages. It is important to remember to dilute Eucalyptus before applying topically to your chest or other body parts. 

Peppermint oil contains menthol, which helps to relax our muscles. This can help to reduce overall tension in our bodies. One method is to dilute in some coconut oil and apply gently to the temple. When diluted, we can also massage into our neck and shoulders for additional relief.

Frankincense is best used for "stress headaches". Because Frankincense is known to relieve stress, this tackles the underlying issue that could be causing your headaches in the first place. As with Lavender, we can diffuse and inhale this aroma. 

Essential oils can be so effective because they do not just tackle our aches and pains, but help to alleviate the actual cause of our aches and pains. Let us know in the comments which oils are your favorite for helping to cut out nasty headaches!

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